Improve Well-Being Through Sleeping In a Hyperbaric Chamber

Sleeping in a hyperbaric chamber may sound like something out of a sci-fi movie, but it has actually become a popular practice among NFL players and even celebrities like Justin Bieber.

One of the key advantages of hyperbaric oxygen therapy is the restorative sleep it offers. The treatment time flies by, and you wake up feeling rejuvenated and energized. Moreover, the increased oxygenation throughout your body can significantly reduce inflammation and benefit your muscles, joints, skin, and even your brain.

It's no wonder that hyperbaric oxygen therapy is considered a miracle sleeping aid for athletes, wellness enthusiasts, longevity seekers and for those with sleep disorders. providing not only physical conditioning but also aiding in the healing of game-related injuries.

When choosing the best chamber for your hyperbaric oxygen treatment for sleep, size matters. You'll want a chamber that is large enough to stretch out comfortably, and if you're taller than 6 feet, considering a longer chamber may be ideal.

Note: The hyperbaric medical society does not typically recommended sleeping in your hyperbaric oxygen chamber as the benefits from HBOT usually max out after about two hours in the chamber.  However, when a using a soft hyperbaric chamber with lower ATA (atmospheric pressure), longer, overnight sessions are possible. 

woman rests while receiving hyperbaric oxygen


Even for those without serious medical conditions, hyperbaric oxygen chambers have a positive effect on sleep and overall health.

1. Restorative Sleep: Not only do you fall asleep quickly but your sleep quality improves. One of the main reasons hyperbaric oxygen therapy can enhance sleep quality is the increased oxygen levels. Under hyperbaric oxygen therapy, the body receives a hundred times higher than normal concentration of oxygen, which can have a profound impact on our sleep patterns.

With more oxygen available to the brain, it improves the function of the pituitary and cerebral cortex, ultimately restoring normal physiological activities of the cerebral cortex. This rejuvenating sleep helps you wake up feeling energized and ready to tackle the day ahead.

2. Reduced Inflammation: Another significant advantage is the ability of the pressure inside the hyperbaric chamber to markedly decrease inflammation throughout the body. The heightened oxygenation saturates every cell and helps reduce inflammation, benefiting muscles, joints, blood vessels and even the brain. This can be particularly beneficial for athletes and individuals seeking to enhance their recovery and overall performance.

3. Enhanced Tissue Healing: Hyperbaric oxygen therapy promotes wound healing and tissue repair. The increased oxygen levels in the bloodstream aid in fighting off infections and promote faster healing. This is especially relevant for individuals recovering from surgery or injuries, as it can help accelerate the healing process.

4. Improved Oxygenation: The primary benefit of hyperbaric oxygen therapy is that it greatly increases the oxygen levels in the body. This boost in oxygenation has a profound positive impact on blood vessels, tissues, muscles, joints, and the brain. It promotes better circulation and oxygen delivery throughout the body, optimizing cellular function and promoting overall well-being.

5. Increased HRV: HRV, or Heart Rate Variability, is a measure of the variation in time between heartbeats. By sleeping in a hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber, HRV can be significantly improved. This is an important marker for overall cardiovascular health and is associated with better stress resilience and autonomic nervous system function.

Sleeping in a hyperbaric chamber provides a wide range of benefits that contribute to overall well-being. From restorative sleep to reduced inflammation, improved tissue healing, and increased stem cells the advantages are remarkable.

With its ability to deliver more oxygen and increase HRV, sleeping in a hyperbaric chamber is a popular practice among athletes and individuals seeking to optimize their health and performance.

Explore how frequently to use HBOT.

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When considering the best hyperbaric chamber for sleep there are a couple things to consider:


You want a chamber large enough to stretch out. For that reason we recommend chamber that are 33” in diameter and longer. And if you are over 6’ tall you might want to consider a Newtowne Hyperbarics chamber, which are longer than Summit to Sea chambers.

There's a significant difference between hard and soft chambers, especially concerning the atmospheric pressure (ATA) they can achieve. Soft chambers, with their lower ATA, are suitable for longer overnight sessions, aligning with the needs of those looking to use HBOT for sleep.


Air compressors and oxygen machines make noise! We personally think the hum sounds similar to a fan and lulls us to sleep but if you are sensitive to noise you might consider a Summit to Sea chamber which runs one quieter air compressors.

Chamber Type

There's a significant difference between hard and soft chambers, especially concerning the atmospheric pressure (ATA) they can achieve and whether or not they are filled with pure oxygen. Soft chambers, with their lower ATA, are suitable for longer overnight sessions, aligning with the needs of those looking to use HBOT for sleep.

Hard shelled chambers can lead to oxygen poising if used incorrectly. To prevent oxygen poisoning, you may need to take short breaks during the therapy and breathe normal air. This can prevent tissues in the body from taking in too much oxygen.


Hard Chamber

Soft Chamber

ATA Capability



Recommended Session Duration

Shorter (Max 2 hours)

Longer (overnight possible)

Suitability for Sleep





When sleeping in a hyperbaric chamber you must make sure that there is a safety alarm installed to wake you incase of a power outage. Rest assured that all our chambers come with an alarm that is easy to install when you are setting up your chamber.

Our Favorite Hyperbaric Sleeping Chamber

Best Hyperbaric Sleeping Chamber: Summit to Sea's 40" Grand Dive Hyperbaric Chamber 

While it is safe to sleep in all of our hyperbaric chambers, our favorite is option is Summit to Sea's 40" Grand Dive Hyperbaric Chamber. It features duel, quiet air compressors for air pressure and at 40" in diameter the chamber is large enough to sit up, stretch out and even sleep with a partner.

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Final Word

Athletes, celebrities and individuals with sleep disorders commonly receive hyperbaric oxygen therapy while they sleep. It can be a safe treatment, especially at lower pressures. While sleeping in a hyperbaric chamber doesn't necessarily offer additional health benefits compared to shorter, two hour session, it may provide greater comfort. For tailored advice on treatment duration, pressure levels, and frequency, consulting your healthcare provider or certified expert is recommended.