Cold Plunge For Sale


      Cold plunging, also known as cold therapy, ice baths or cold water immersion therapy, involves exposing the body to cold water for a short period of time, typically between 30 seconds to 5 minutes.

      This practice has gained popularity in recent years due to its potential health benefits, such as reducing muscle soreness, inflammation, and improving circulation.

      They're not just a luxury item for athletes; they're becoming a staple for anyone seeking to boost their health and recovery. With models like the Ice Barrel, Penguin Chillers, and Dreampod hitting the market, there's never been a better time to invest in your well-being.

      What is a Cold Plunge?

      In the realm of wellness and recovery, a cold plunge refers to a bath of icy water commonly used for therapeutic purposes. This technique, rooted in an age-old practice known as cold therapy, has seen a resurgence in popularity due to its remarkable health benefits. In essence, a cold plunge is quite literal – it involves submerging oneself in cold water, generally below 59 degrees Fahrenheit, for short periods. This may sound daunting, but the results are often too compelling to ignore.

      Health aficionados and athletes alike have embraced the cold plunge for its varied advantages. Engaging in this chilly practice can invigorate the body's circulation, reduce muscle inflammation, and enhance recovery after intense workouts. It's not all physical, though; the mental fortitude needed to dip into freezing water also cultivates mental resilience and sharpness.

      The beauty of a cold plunge or ice bath lies in its simplicity and ease of install and use. Unlike some wellness treatments requiring specialized equipment or a therapist, cold plunge tubs are a straightforward, at-home option. They can be installed for indoor or outdoor use, and with models designed for small spaces, even those with limited room can join the trend.

      When considering a cold plunge, it's crucial to assess factors like footprint and portability, particularly if you're tight on space or plan to move the tub occasionally. Durability is another key consideration; you'll need a tub that retains temperature effectively and feels stable, ensuring your safety and comfort.

      For those interested in additional convenience, some tubs offer features such as temperature control, easy draining, filter and cleaning systems, and even extras like phone holders. These features, while not essential, can significantly enhance the cold plunge experience, making it not just an invigorating challenge but also a relaxing pastime.

      Man doing a cold water therapy treatment in an ice bath. The cold plunge tub is located outdoors on a deck


      Improved Muscle Recovery

      Cold water immersion, commonly found in cold plunge routines, is not just a trend; it's a scientifically backed practice that aids muscle recovery. By submerging in cold temperatures, you can significantly decrease muscle soreness post-exercise. Dr. Michael Masi, a doctor of physical therapy and strength coach, underscores that cold water therapy is particularly beneficial for athletes who need to stay at peak performance. Whether it's enduring back-to-back games or grueling multi-day competitions, a cold plunge may help athletes recover more rapidly and effectively.

      Evidence suggests that cold plunges can reduce the inflammation associated with high-intensity workouts, leading to a quicker recovery and less perceived soreness. This means that while inflammation is the body and immune system's natural response to training, managing it with a cold plunge can optimize recovery times without impairing muscle growth.

      Reduced Inflammation

      Inflammation is part of an active lifestyle, but managing it is crucial for sustained performance and a healthy immune system. The cold plunge is a powerful ally in this battle. When I immerse myself in the icy embrace of a cold plunge tub, it's not just about bracing for the chill; it's about the therapeutic reduction of inflammation that follows. And this isn't anecdotal—cold water immersion curtails inflammation, reduces blood flow to the affected regions, and typically results in swelling reduction, thus promoting a faster healing process.

      Clinical studies have backed the notion that regular cold plunging may lower blood pressure, as the cold stimulates vasoconstriction of blood vessels. This has ripple effects on cardiovascular health, being potentially preventive against cardiac disease. Athletes may find that a cold plunge regimen ensures they stay in tip-top shape, shrugging off the stiffness and aches that come with rigorous training.

      Enhanced Mood and Well-being

      The pursuit of wellness goes beyond the physical; it encompasses mental resilience, sleep, and emotional balance. Engaging in cold plunge therapy has been found to bolster not just the muscles, but the mind. Exposure to cold water has been documented to trigger a flood of mood-enhancing neurotransmitters, leaving plungers feeling refreshed and invigorated. This isn't mere conjecture; the shock of cold water enlivens the sympathetic nervous system, launching a natural high that can shift your day from sluggish to spirited in minutes.

      Additionally, endorphin release during a cold plunge can act as a natural painkiller and improve stress management. In my experience, nothing quite compares to the mental clarity and quietude that a cold plunge can deliver. It's no wonder that this bracing ritual is becoming a cornerstone of wellness routines globally, helping individuals manage stress and tap into a state of mental acuity that modern life often clouds.

      Factors to Consider when Buying a Cold Plunge

      Size and Capacity

      When on the hunt for a cold plunge tub, the size and capacity take top priority. It's crucial to think about how much space I've got in my home, garage, or yard and how that matches with the tub's footprint. I dive into the specs to see if it's more of a compact addition or if it’ll take center stage. But it's not just about size; water volume is key. How many gallons it holds determines how much I can get out of my icy immersion. A gallon of water weighs about 8.34 pounds, so I always ensure the structure where the tub will rest can take the full weight. After all, some tubs weigh several hundred pounds when loaded with water!

      Weight Considerations:

      Tub Model

      Dry Weight

      Full Water Capacity

      Total Weight When Full

      Specific Tub

      10 lbs

      55 gallons

      Approximately 468 lbs

      Remembering the weight of water is helpful when selecting a size that fits my space and ensures safety.

      Material and Durability

      Another essential aspect I consider is what the tub is made from. The material impacts not only the longevity but also how well the tub maintains temperature. I typically look for high-grade acrylic or stainless steel because of their robust insulation properties —they're great at keeping that bite-of-cold feeling in the water and the warmth of the surrounding area out. With durability in mind, I check for resistance to wear and tear such as rust and mold, because I want my investment to last. Plus, premium materials often mean better ergonomics and a more comfortable plunge.

      Temperature Control and Features

      Temperature control is the heart of the cold plunge experience. I aim for a unit with reliable cooling that can drop to invigorating lows. Superior models offer temperatures as low as 39°F with high-powered chillers, ensuring the water is icy whenever I opt for a dip. I don’t overlook the features either; a built-in filtration system, ozone sanitation, and a robust pump are on my must-have list for crystal-clear water quality. In addition, I appreciate when a tub has thoughtful additions like ergonomic design, safety coatings, and easy drain options. I'm also intrigued by convenience features like Wi-Fi enabled chillers for hassle-free operation. These details transform a simple tub into a wellness tool that fits seamlessly into my lifestyle.

      How to Choose the Right Ice Bath for Your Needs

      Determine Your Space Requirements

      Before diving into the world of cold plunges, it's critical to assess how much space you've got available. A common oversight is not factoring in the footprint and volume of a cold plunge tub. Space considerations include not only the area where the tub will be placed but also additional room needed for accessibility and maintenance. Remember, some models, like the Dreampod Ice Bath, have a sleek design that can integrate well into various settings. Going beyond dimensions, consider the weight as well – a dry tub might weigh around 150 pounds, but once filled, it can exceed 1,000 pounds. This weight impacts installation location and the structure required to support the tub.

      Consider Your Budget

      Let's face it, price is a deciding factor for most purchases, and cold plunge tubs are no exception. Determine your budget early on to avoid falling in love with features you cannot afford to pay for. While a DIY cold plunge tub may cost under $150, advanced models can reach nearly $10,000. These high-end cold plunges often come with additional features like chillers and filtration systems, contributing to their hefty price tag. It's not just the purchase price you'll need to consider but also potential installation and maintenance costs over time.

      Research Customer Reviews and Ratings

      In today's digital age, customer testimonials can be as valuable as personal recommendations. Analyzing reviews and ratings is an essential step in selecting the right cold plunge. Satisfied users, like the husband from an infantry background, found the cold plunge to be integral to his recovery and longevity. It's important to sift through customer experiences to understand the product's performance, durability, and ease of use. Look for patterns in feedback: Do many users highlight issues with temperature regulation or praise the customer service? Such insights can greatly inform your decision-making process. Yet, remember that while reviews are informative, they should be one of many tools used to guide your choice.


      Choosing the right cold plunge tub for your needs is a decision that shouldn't be taken lightly. Armed with the knowledge of what to look for in terms of size capacity material features and more you're now ready to make an informed purchase. Remember to take your time to find a tub that fits your space meets your weight and installation requirements and falls within your budget. Don't forget the power of customer reviews—they're key to ensuring you get a quality product that will stand the test of time. With all this information at your fingertips you're just a step away from the refreshing and invigorating experience of owning your very own cold plunge. Happy shopping!

      When choosing a cold plunge, there are several key considerations to keep in mind. Tub size and orientation are vital for comfort and effectiveness, and the tub/barrel material and construction impact durability, insulation, portability, and cost. Easy setup, low-temperature maintenance and efficiency, durability and quality, safety features, and water filtration are also important factors to consider.

      Biohacker Supply offers a unique selection of cold plunges, including Penguin Chillers and Ice Barrel, each with distinctive features and recognized for their durability, performance, and effectiveness.