Penguin Chillers


      Looking for a cooling solution that's both powerful and efficient?

      Penguin Chillers' might just be your go-to option. These water chillers are engineered to handle a variety of applications, from cold plunge tubs and aquariums to brewing systems, ensuring your setup remains at the perfect temperature.

      Key Advantages:

      • Easy and convenient cold therapy sessions without the inconvenience and cost of ice
      • Power and precise chilling-- even in the heat
      • Energy efficient
      • Quiet operation 
      • Products proudly made in the USA at accessible pricing

      Premium Chilling Solutions

      Chiller and Barrel Bracket Combo: Elevate your cold therapy experience with this versatile and easy attachment for your existing cold plunge barrel or tub, designed to keep the water perfectly chilled, even during peak summer heat.

      Chiller and Ice Barrel Kit: The perfect synergy of price and quality, this combo offers a premium cold therapy setup ready to use right out of the box. No more frequent ice additions for an unrivaled cold plunge experience.

      Chiller paired with Insulated Tub: For those seeking a reliable, temperature-consistent cold therapy session, this tandem delivers. The enhanced Grizzly tub keeps temperatures cool, no matter the weather outside.

      1/2 Horsepower Water Chiller: Choose this robust chiller if you're apt with tools and prefer a do-it-yourself approach. Fit it with your personalized setup to enjoy cold therapy at your convenience.

      Selection Tips

      When considering which product to choose, weigh your options based on:

      • Tub Styles: Select a tub that meets your therapeutic needs. Upright sitting barrels, laid-back tubs, portable inflatable options, and heavily insulated tubs for temperature maintenance are available to suit various preferences.
      • Tub Dimensions: Most will find a 100-gallon capacity tub comfortable. If you're taller than 6'4" or plan to share, consider opting for a tub that holds at least 200 gallons and pair it with a stronger chiller for optimum function.
      • Use Setting: Whether used indoors or out, match your chiller to your environment. Hot climates and outdoor setups may require more robust chillers.
      • Chiller Capacity: The chiller's horsepower should match the size of the tub and the desired temperature drop speed. Higher power is preferable for larger tubs in warmer places.
      • Water Filtration: A high-quality filtration system will maintain clean water, with easy-to-replace filters that last at least a month, easing maintenance and ensuring a clean plunge every time.

      As an authorized Penguin Chillers dealer, you're guaranteed the lowest price online with free shipping across 48 states. Plus, with a promise of a safe and secure checkout, there's no reason to hesitate. Whether you're a homebrewer or in need of a reliable water chiller for your plunge pool, Penguin Chillers offer the performance you need.

      Elevate Your Wellness with Penguin Chillers

      Penguin Chillers aren't just another product; they're an integral part of a wellness routine designed for those who are serious about their health and performance. Incorporating these chillers into your life could mean the difference between average recovery and accelerated healing. With the use of cold therapy, you can enhance your wellbeing by alleviating pain and propelling yourself toward peak physical condition.

      • Accelerated Recovery: Muscle soreness and tiredness post-workout are common, but they don't have to be a roadblock. Penguin Chillers offer you the possibility to reduce recovery time dramatically. Cold therapy aids in reducing inflammation, leading to faster muscle repair and readiness for your next workout session.

      • Pain Relief: Cold therapy has been known for its pain-relieving qualities, and with Penguin Chillers, you can access this natural remedy right at home. Whether it's joint pain or muscle aches, the chillers deliver continuous cold therapy, offering comfort and facilitating long-term pain management.

      • Enhanced Performance: If you're an athlete, the consistent use of cold therapy could be a game-changer. Athletes across various disciplines rely on Penguin Chillers to maintain muscle function and enhance endurance. This, in turn, supports improved athletic performance without the downtime.

      • Improved Sleep Quality: Sleep is crucial for recovery, and cold therapy can contribute to deeper, more rejuvenating sleep. By regulating your body temperature and easing pain, Penguin Chillers help pave the way for a restful night, which is essential for both physical and mental health.

      Your wellness journey is unique, and finding the right tools to support it is critical. Not every product will meet your expectations, which is why Penguin Chillers backs your purchase with a 30-Day Return Policy, ensuring that you can invest in your health without hesitation. Plus, with the Lowest Price Guaranteed pledge, you're assured the best deal, free from the worry of overpaying for quality. Cold therapy, when used consistently, can redefine your wellbeing and take your fitness goals to new heights. With Penguin Chillers, you're not just buying a product; you're investing in a lifestyle of optimized health and performance.

      Why Choose Penguin Chillers?

      When you're in the market for a reliable and high-performance cooling solution, Penguin Chillers stands out from the crowd. Known for their precision engineering, these chillers are designed to meet a variety of cooling needs. Whether you’re a homebrewer seeking perfect fermentation temperatures or need to keep your cold plunge tub at a consistent chill, Penguin Chillers have got you covered.

      Offering more than just chilling capabilities, Penguin Chillers are also lauded for their straightforward setup. Although the unit doesn’t come with additional accessories like pumps or tubing, it presents you with the freedom to customize the system to fit your exact specifications. You won’t be bogged down by unnecessary components that may not align with your setup.

      Free shipping to 48 states and the promise of the lowest price online underscore the brand’s commitment to customer satisfaction. With such offerings, Penguin Chillers not only emphasizes quality and efficiency in their products but also prioritizes your convenience and confidence when making a purchase.


      Benefits of Using Penguin Chillers

      Energy Efficiency

      You're always on the lookout for ways to cut costs and save energy. This is where Penguin Chillers shine. Low-wattage pumps and efficient operation are at the heart of these systems. Expect to see a noticeable difference in your energy bills as these chillers are designed to operate without leading to a spike in energy consumption. The chillers feature a smart technology where the compressor and fan only activate when necessary—cooling the water to your set temperature before shutting off, thereby optimizing energy use.

      Moreover, their energy-efficient design does not sacrifice performance. With low operating costs between $18 and $28 monthly at an electricity rate of $0.12/KWh, you'll be investing in a product that offers cost savings over time.

      Electricity Rate

      Monthly Operating Cost


      $18 - $28

      The integration of quality materials and efficient components in Penguin Chillers not only leads to energy savings but also contributes to a long-lasting value for your investment.

      Quiet Operation

      Imagine diving into your cold therapy sessions or monitoring your sensitive aquatic life without being disturbed by loud machinery. That's the peace promised by Penguin Chillers. They are engineered to operate at a whisper-quiet level, producing only 56 dBA of noise. This quiet operation is essential, whether you're seeking to maintain tranquility in your home spa or ensure the well-being of your marine creatures.

      Precise Temperature Control

      One of the standout features of Penguin Chillers is their advanced digital temperature control. This allows you to tweak the water temperature to meet your specific requirements, within a 5000 BTU/Hr cooling capacity, maintaining that perfect chill needed for different applications. The digital controls are not just for precision; they are also user-friendly, making it effortless for you to customize your cold therapy sessions or keep your aquatic ecosystem at its ideal temperature.

      Your setups will benefit from the high-quality titanium heat exchanger, which prevents corrosion and ensures that your water stays pure—crucial for the well-being of sensitive marine life. With such a system, temperature control isn't just a feature—it's a cornerstone of superior performance and reliability, guaranteeing that whatever your cooling needs, they're met with unparalleled accuracy.

      Factors to Consider When Choosing a Penguin Chiller

      Tank Size

      When selecting the right Penguin Chiller for your needs, Tank Size is a critical factor. Penguin Chillers are designed to accommodate a range of tank sizes, ensuring efficient cooling performance without overtaxing the system. It's essential to match the chiller to the water volume of your tank or system. For example, the 12 HP Penguin Chiller works effectively with tanks and systems in a specific size range. If your setup includes a 100-gallon tub, a chiller like the 34HP model, which is crafted to sustain larger volumes, would be more apt.

      Cooling Capacity

      Cooling Capacity is another pivotal consideration when shopping for a Penguin Chiller. Expressed in BTUs (British Thermal Units) per hour, this measures the chiller's ability to remove heat from the water over time. Penguin Chillers provide different capacities to meet various cooling demands. The 12 HP model offers a cooling power of 5,000 BTU/hr, ideal for small to medium-sized tanks. For more demanding applications, the 34HP unit ups the ante with a robust 7,500 BTU/hr.

      Chiller Model

      Cooling Capacity

      1/2 HP

      5,000 BTU/hr

      3/4 HP High Efficiency

      7,500 BTU/hr

      Noise Level

      For environments where silence is golden, the Noise Level of the chiller can't be overlooked. Penguin Chillers prioritize quiet operation, keeping the ambient noise minimal. The 12 HP model operates at a gentle 56 dBA, which is quieter than the average conversation. For more powerful systems, a slight increase in noise level is to be expected, but even then, Penguin Chillers are designed to keep the disruption low, maintaining a peaceful atmosphere.

      Ease of Installation

      Lastly, Ease of Installation is a feature you'll undoubtedly appreciate. Penguin Chillers are user-friendly, requiring minimal setup time. The 12 HP chiller, for instance, only needs a standard 110V outlet and can be paired with pumps up to 1,800 GPH. The setup is straightforward: plug it in, and the chiller is ready to go. The included 6-foot power cord and compatibility with 110-120 volts also add convenience, making installation a breeze even for those not technically inclined.

      How to Install a Penguin Chiller

      When you're ready to upgrade your system with a Penguin Chiller, getting it installed correctly is essential for optimum performance. Luckily, with a bit of preparation, the installation process is straightforward.

      First, identify the location where you want to place your chiller. This should be a well-ventilated area to allow for adequate air flow and easy access for maintenance. Ensure the surface is level to prevent any operational issues.

      Next, check the compatibility of your equipment by considering the volume of your tank and the chiller's cooling capacity. The Penguin Chillers 1/2 HP Water Chiller, for example, offers a cooling capacity of 5,000 BTU/Hour which is ideal for tanks that match this size range. Make sure that the tank or system volume corresponds with the cooling capacity of the chiller for effective cooling results.

      Prepare the necessary accessories, including a pump, filter, and tubing, particularly if you're setting up a cold plunge or ice bath. The correct pump size is crucial—you don't want it to be underpowered, struggling to circulate water, or so powerful that it causes unnecessary strain on the chiller.

      Connect the water lines to the input and output ports of the chiller, making sure to secure them tightly to prevent leaks. For a glycol system, ensure that your chiller, like the Penguin glycol chiller designed for brewers, is filled with the appropriate glycol solution prior to connecting to your fermenters.

      Plug in your chiller and configure the settings on the digital temperature controller. This allows you to fine-tune the water temperature to your desired setting. Thanks to the advanced temperature control, you can expect precise adjustments within the 5,000 BTU/hr cooling capacity.

      Remember, if you require additional components like pumps, tubing, or specific connections, these are usually not included with the unit and will need to be purchased separately. With these simple steps, you'll have your Penguin Chiller up and running, providing efficient and powerful cooling to your system.

      Maintenance Tips for Penguin Chillers

      Cleaning the Chiller

      Keeping your Penguin Chiller clean is crucial for optimal performance. To start, ensure that dust and debris are regularly cleared from the exterior. Use a soft cloth or brush to wipe down the surface and prevent any blockages in the air flow, which is vital for the chiller's efficiency. For interior cleaning, focus on the water circuit, which may include the heat exchanger where limescale can accumulate over time. Using a mild acid-based cleaner designed for such equipment can help maintain the interior components. Remember to follow the manufacturer's recommendations to avoid any damage.

      Checking and Replacing Parts

      It's essential to routinely check and, if necessary, replace certain parts of your Penguin Chiller to maintain its performance and longevity. Items like the pump impeller and O-rings are prone to wear and should be inspected for signs of deterioration. If your chiller has an air filter, ensure it is either cleaned or replaced periodically to allow for proper air flow. Consult the user manual to determine the specific lifespan of these components and keep spare parts on hand to avoid downtime.

      Regular Inspections and Servicing

      Schedule regular inspections and servicing to ensure your chiller operates at peak efficiency. An inspection should include verifying that all connections are secure, checking for any leaks or unusual noises, and ensuring that the chiller operates within the specified temperature range. Remember, servicing isn't just a reactive measure—proactive checks can prevent minor issues from evolving into major problems. Professional servicing might include more comprehensive checks like refrigerant level verification and electrical component assessments, which go beyond the scope of routine maintenance.


      With Penguin Chillers, you've got a reliable and efficient way to keep temperatures in check. By following the straightforward installation and maintenance tips outlined, you'll enjoy the quiet operation and precise control that set these chillers apart. Remember, regular checks and servicing are key to the longevity and performance of your cooling system. Embrace the cool efficiency of Penguin Chillers and rest assured your temperature-sensitive needs are in capable hands.