Penguin Chillers Cold Therapy Chiller
Penguin Chillers Cold Therapy Chiller
Penguin Chillers Cold Therapy Chiller
Penguin Chillers Cold Therapy Chiller
Penguin Chillers Cold Therapy Chiller

Penguin Chillers Cold Therapy Chiller

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Install/Filter Kit
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The Penguin Chillers Cold Therapy Chiller is a complete chiller, pump, and filter combination that provides an easy-to-set-up and efficient cold plunge setup. It is designed to cool a 150-gallon tub as low as 37°F in extreme climates, making it an ideal choice for those who want to experience the benefits of cold therapy.

The chiller comes enclosed in a durable stainless steel casing and has two quick-connect fittings that make it easy to connect to the cold plunge tub of your choice. The optional filter/install kit includes the necessary filter and tubing for a fully done-for-you system that can be connected to just about any cold plunge tub of your choosing.

The digital controller included with the chiller efficiently maintains the water at the desired temperature. Once the temperature set point is reached, the compressor and fan turn off while the pump runs on low power mode, only to turn back on when the temperature rises above the desired set point. This helps to save on energy costs, making it an economical choice for those who want to enjoy the benefits of cold therapy without breaking the bank.

The unit boasts an impressive 3/4HP chiller with a cooling capacity of 7,500 BTU/hr. Despite its powerful performance, the ultra-quiet motor hums at a soft 56 dBA, allowing users to enjoy their cold therapy sessions in peace. Measuring 17”W x 15”D x 13”H and weighing 49 pounds, it is both compact and portable.

The built-in pump, 10' power cord with GFCI protection, and rainproof design ensure safety and convenience. It is important to note that the chiller is designed for outdoor use and is not suitable for freezing temperatures.

Overall, the Penguin Chillers Cold Therapy Chiller is an excellent choice for those who want an efficient and easy-to-use cold plunge setup. With its durable construction, powerful performance, and economical operation, it is sure to be a valuable addition to any home cold therapy routine.

Key Features of the Penguin Chiller for Water Therapy:

  • Optimal Temperature Control: Capable of achieving water temperatures in the high 30's°F, even during hot summer days, eliminating the need for ice bags.
  • Highly Efficient Operation: Features a 3/4HP compressor with a 7,500 BTU/hr cooling capacity, activating the fan and compressor only as needed for energy efficiency.
  • Cost-Effective: Average operational cost ranges between $18-$28 per month, offering affordable luxury without the high expense.
  • Enhanced Safety: Comes with a 10' power cord that includes GFCI protection and a rainproof design for safe operation in various conditions.
  • Maintenance Considerations: Requires minimal maintenance as the continuous circulation of cold water restricts bacterial growth, reducing the need for frequent water changes and sanitizer usage.
  • Compact and Robust Design: Despite its small size (17”W x 15”D x 13”H) and 49-pound weight, the chiller is built for durability.

Specifications of the Cold Therapy Chiller:

  • Dimensions: Measures 17 inches wide, 15 inches deep, and 13 inches high.
  • Weight: The unit weighs 49 pounds, ensuring stability and durability.
  • Pump Specifications: Equipped with a 3/4HP built-in pump, suitable for outdoor use.
  • Connection Fittings: Includes two quick-connect fittings with 3/4" barbs (note: tubing is sold separately).
  • Power Requirements: Operates on a 110-120 volt, 450-watt, and 3.9-amp power supply.
  • Safety-Enhanced Power Cord: Comes with a 10-foot power cord featuring GFCI protection for safe operation.
  • Cooling Capacity: Offers a significant cooling capability of 7,500 BTU/hr.
  • Noise Level: Operates at a comfortable noise level of 56 dBA.
  • Weather-Resistant Design: The chiller is rainproof, suitable for various environmental conditions.
  • Manufacturing and Warranty: Proudly made in the USA and backed by a 1-year product warranty for quality assurance.
  • Maintenance Note: Requires disconnection and draining in freezing temperatures to prevent damage.

This cold therapy chiller combines compact design with powerful, efficient performance and is crafted for user safety and ease of maintenance.

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